Monday, 13 April 2009

How to, make a homemade silencer for airsoft rifle and airsoft pistol

Gun Silencer plans, blueprints, drawings.

Installation instructions, 

for airsoft silencer, rifles and pistols.

By following instructions in Gun silencer manual you can make a quality silencer for Airsoft rifles and airsoft pistols, CO² , BB and pumps. Crosman, Gamo, Beeman, Walther, Desert Eagle, Beretta, Baikal, Olympic Arms, Winchester, KJ Works, Remington, RWS Air Rifles, Thompson, Mendoza Pellet Rifles, Benjamin & Sheridan, Webley and Scott, Daisy, Avanti, Weihrauch Air Arms, Bam Pellets Guns, Evanix Pellet Guns, Hammerli, Sumatra, Feinwerkbau, Marksman, Venturi Air, Taurus, Brno. In caliber 0.177 " and caliber 6 mm. By installing a silencer on your Air rifle or Air Pistol, BB Air soft,pellet gun, you get the best hearing protection available. The Gun Silencer Manual is a complete instruction manual of how to make quality silencer for most types of air soft rifles and air soft pistols. Installation instructions and detailed blueprint drawings.

Gun Silencer

Supported Languages: English, Chinese, French, Arabic, Dutch, Greek, Finnish, German,Japanese, Korean, Italian, Danish, Portuguese,Romanian Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, Croatian, Czech, Polish, Russian,Bulgarian

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Gun Silencer on a cal 22 lr. rifle, video demonstrating the efficiency of rifle compensator, the sound suppression and muzzle flash hiding.